Ranja, renewed on shelf

Ranja Fruit mix and syrup

on convenience and convincing on the pure natural ingredients of the products; It is, after all, a ready-to-drink range! The fruitmixes are on the shelf and now it is time to pour the entire Ranja range into the revamped grid of Fruit Mixes.

How do you realize impact
with a small label?

So the biggest challenge was to keep the Ranja signature upright with the fresh and cheerful look on a small label.

© Ranja logo: OD design studio

Balance between
innovative and familiar

Along with other new elements, such as the hanging fruit and the straw, all products are given a more natural feel. By playing with the right balance of these elements, the "appeal" to consumers is increased. The straw is a nod to the brand's heritage and Johny Lion's famous song, "She drank Ranja with a straw..."

© Ranja logo: OD design studio

"Working with REGGS is (always) a positive experience, due to the professional approach and by challanging us as clients."

- Roderick van den Brink