More impact on the shelf and less on the environment

Alpine Hearing Protection

Alpine asked REGGS to develop an all-new packaging line, where REGGS was allowed to take care of both the interior and exterior of the pack. The goal was packaging with as much shelf impact as possible, but as little environmental impact as possible. In addition, REGGS designed the storage cases for the various products.

The process:

To create packaging with more shelf impact but less ecological cost, many design disciplines had to come together. The process started with a benchmark research, shelf analysis and a strategic session, where the principles for the new packaging line were established

In the process that followed, REGGS' graphic designers, industrial designers and engineers worked intensively together to design a packaging line.

Looking for the right shape for packaging
Comprehensive research on form and graphic language

In packaging design, the ear takes the lead role. By featuring an ear on the packaging, with the actual earplug inside, it is immediately clear that this is hearing protection. The sound waves that go into and radiate out from the ear confirm the effectiveness of the earplug. The universal illustration style at the top of the packaging links the use of earplugs to the Alpine brand and appeals to an international audience. The red bar closes the packaging and provides an additional block shape on the shelf

The result