Making Feinkost Fein again

Homann Feinkost

HOMANN asked REGGS to develop an updated packaging line for side dishes such as the Kartoffelsalat.


Entirely new photography was developed for the new packaging in collaboration with Jan Schartman. This gives the pure, local ingredients the stage they deserve. On stage, the "Kartoffelen aus Deutschland" play the leading role.


The step we took was further away from the original than we initially thought, but the result is worth it. In the new packaging line design, the deep color blue is the hero. Based on the updated design of HOMANN's Bread and Toast, this use of color adds depth and light to the design. The blue is reflected in the texture and background den and makes the typography more legible.


The result is a packaging line with a very clear hierarchy with improved legibility. The line reinforces the HOMANN brand's position on the shelf with blue as the main color. The new photography pays tribute to the quality of the ingredients and makes it tasteful and attractive to consumers.