Product engineering

From idea to product. The experienced design engineers at REGGS make every product design perfectly ready for production. Do you have a technical challenge for new or existing products? We'll make it work.

From concept to prototype

Working together under one roof

Is everyone happy with the design? Then our design engineers make sure your product takes shape. Your idea actually comes to life. First we make sure everything is technically correct. This technical detailing is done using 3D CAD software. With this, we develop models for a production series or 3D print a prototype. Designers and design engineers assess together whether the product has turned out as conceived. Is the shape right? Or are adjustments still needed? Because at REGGS designers and design engineers work under one roof, this goes very quickly. Is the prototype approved? Then our cooperation does not end yet. We can remain involved in product supervision and check whether this first product series meets your and the market's requirements.

The impact of your product

We like to take on the challenge of making a product as sustainable as possible. For example, we always look at the materials we use. Are these sustainable or can they be more sustainable? Not only do we study the materials, we also calculate the impact of your product. From the creation and composition of your product to its recycling. Even before your product is produced, we map out how much impact your product will have on the environment. We do this through a Product Lifecycle Analysis. This helps you make responsible choices that are good for your company, your product and the environment.

Strength calculations as a specialty

Strength calculations are critical to the quality of your product for some projects. With a strength calculation, the design engineers can calculate in advance the strengths and possible weaknesses of the design and the materials used. In other words, even before making a prototype, we can test whether the design is strong enough. By adding this step to our process, we save a lot of time. Moreover, at an early stage we look at the possibility of saving on materials as well. This way we reduce the impact of and extend the life span of your product.