Product design

From a good product idea to a stunning product design. With a team of clever and creative minds, we design a product that makes an impact for you. We come up with surprising designs and make the product design really come to life.

Brainstorming as a starting point

Strong product design starts with a brainstorming session. To arrive at a good design, we start by asking curious and, above all, critical questions. The problem as the starting point and the solution as the end point. The brainstorm not only focuses on ideation - coming up with solutions -, we get to know you and your customers better. It is also the perfect time to get all the information on the table quickly. With all perspectives tapped, we lay a solid foundation for the design phase.

Your idea turned into realistic concepts

After the brainstorm, we push the boundaries! Diverse solutions will pass the drawing board. What can you expect from us? Innovation is often the starting point. Responding to new trends, needs, and convenience, while always keeping function and form in mind. Our designers quickly bring the design to life with various techniques. You can read more about product visualization here, but you can think of sketches, mood boards, 3D renders for a more realistic representation, and prototypes where we make the idea really tangible. So that you can really see that your product becomes distinctive and perfectly fits your brand.

From design to realization within one office

We always focus on the most sustainable product design possible. To ensure that your solution will last as long as possible for the user, our design engineers are involved at an early stage. This way, it's not just a good idea or a nice concept, but we can also take that next step within REGGS, as we did for Heineken, for example. We take care of everything from sketch, concept, and renders to prototypes and production guidance. This way, we have optimal control over quality, sustainability, and functionality. The collaboration between designers and engineers ensures that the product design is actually shaped, and we can quickly start with the realization. This way, your idea will become a reality soon.