Product visualization

A design really comes to life with a product visualization. An example of your product that looks just like the real thing. Our designers use smart techniques to help you do this, to quickly test a design with your target group or to reinforce the experience of your product online.

3D visualization in different ways

There are several ways to make a design come to life. After you pitch us your idea, we get to work on a first sketch. Then we form mood boards to visualize the colors, materials and finishes. For a more realistic representation, our designers create renders. This digital 3D elaboration gives a very clear and extremely detailed picture of your product. At REGGS, we can also make the product design come to life by creating a prototype of the product. This makes the product idea really tangible.

Digital prototyping disrupts production process

3D renders are not only stunning to look at. It can also be very functional during the development process. It allows you to develop a realistic representation of your product even before it goes into production. Without making physical samples, you can test the 3D design with the target audience. The feedback from this testing phase is easier to process, allowing the production process to start faster. Not only for product development is a 3D visualization a useful tool. Do you want to really impress online with your product? With product visualization you can convince your customer with a lifelike image, with real-time depth and maybe even animated. Your product will appear so real, it will splash off the screen.