Packaging design

Create impact on the shelf and online. With a creative team, we develop the product packaging that makes you stand out. Packaging design is not only about a unique and eye-catching design, it has to be effective. After all, packaging helps your product sell.

Sustainable design

Responsible choices

When it comes to our design engineers, we design packaging with the most sustainable materials possible. With our advanced knowledge of these sustainable materials and production methods, we can tell you exactly how much impact your packaging will have on the environment. We take you step by step so that you can make a responsible choice for your company and the environment. How do we do that? Alpine Hearing Protection's products are a good example. For this product we made lighter packaging with 98% less plastic, without losing shelf impact. Sounds interesting, right?

Our approach to packaging design

A product without packaging? It is possible, but with packaging you will make more impact. In fact, packaging is a crucial part of your brand identity. We never create 'just' any packaging. We first immerse ourselves in your brand and make sure we know your brand inside out. We know what you want to project, who your customers are and what you need to grow your product. Strategy is the basis and with a large dose of creativity we create a perfect design that fits your product. So that you are guaranteed to jump off the shelf or splash off the screen. 

Online and offline packaging design

In addition to packaging design for products on a shelf, we also design product images (renders) for online products. Whereas you can pick up a physical product and read the description on all sides of the packaging up close, this is not possible with an online product. Online, you will need to draw the eye of your target audience immediately with the first image. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to create a custom label design for online products to make communicating and navigating through the website easier. When designing, our designers take into account the important elements to be highlighted. In addition, we help with strategic advice to achieve optimal navigation on your online shelf, using renders. This way, your product will attract attention on the store shelf and splash off the screen online!