Brand activation and experience

Does your new product deserve an original launch? Do you want to bring your brand even closer to your target group in a creative way? Then go for brand activation! Not just flat communication, a flyer or an advertisement, but relevant interaction and impact.

Creating experience and making impact

With a goal in mind

With your brand, you want to shine! But of course, you also want to achieve something: conversions. That's why at REGGS, we always start by getting to know your brand. We ask critical questions and then get to work on a design strategy. We will probably come up with multiple concepts, from which we select the best ones to work on. Depending on the goal you have for your brand, we use brand activation to create more experiences, or we find a creative way to convince your customers that they really need your product. We always do this in a way that fits your brand. A good example of this is the case of OREO. We can do this for your brand too!

Provide an experience and stay relevant

With brand activation you want to offer your target group a real experience. That is why we make sure that you are visible and relevant at a very specific moment, for example in a store near the checkout or in a bar in the middle of the night. With brand activation you do more than informing, you connect your product or brand with your target group. So think carefully about what will trigger your target group to engage at that specific touchpoint, but also where and when your target group is well represented and when your brand or product is most relevant. What proposition is relevant at what point in the customer journey? What drives your target group to buy your product or when will they share this experience with their friends? All important questions that we take into account in the development of your brand activation plan!

The final step: making the plan a reality 

Leave a strong creative concept to us. By the way, did you know that we don't stop after presenting the concept? After we have the concept fully developed, we bring the concept to life. Because we at REGGS have design engineers on our team in addition to strategists and designers, we can help you with that realization in a very focused way. Think prototypes, product drawings and a briefing for the producer. Curious which brand activation plans we have realized? For example, we worked for Heineken on an interactive beer bottle. We have a video about it on this page. Curious, click here. And when Oreo brought new flavors to the Netherlands, we created a concept that absolutely could not be ignored in the supermarket (the child in every adult came out). More cases of brand activation can be found here.