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REGGS believes that design is not just an important business tool but also the ideal creative tool to tackle social challenges in the world. A responsibility we think is important for ourselves and our clients. That’s why REGGS was the first C2C accredited design agency in the world and founded the ProPortion foundation in 2008.

Why? We believe social business is an effective means to distribute wealth and well-being more equally by creating appealing products & services for the people at the Base of income Pyramid (BoP). As we are a design agency, design-thinking is our tool. ProPortion’s mission is to accelerate the social entrepreneurial sector impacting low-income communities, by applying and spreading the power of design-thinking. We really try to understand people and think in a user-centered way.

ProPortion is currently developing three social enterprises in Bangladesh, Colombia and Kenya. We create social impact that we believe the world is in need of. We have developed a personal approach that we continuously improve. Furthermore ProPortion supports NGO’s and global companies with social business thinking. In June 2014 LegBank was initiated by ProPortion and REGGS, in order to increase access to affordable, qualitative prostheses to low-income amputees in upcoming economies. The Majicast was first introduced in Colombia, the country with the highest number of land mine victims in the world (Unicef). The Majicast is a hydrostatic casting device for orthopedic
specialists. The device accurately reflects the volume and unique contours of a patient’s residual limb. The result is a tailor made fit that increases comfort and reduces the necessity for future modifications.

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