The balancing act of tightrope leadership

Albert Einstein once said “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created it.” and he was right! We live in a society where the pressure for results increases daily. In today’s world leaders are redefining the business balance on a daily basis. Being capable of anticipating and adapting to the speed of market requires a different kind of leadership than it used to, it demands ‘tightrope leadership’. While effective implementation of well-known strategies used to do the trick, we now constantly have to innovate on each level. While your idea or product is still in development, your competitors continue to pull the rug out from under you. We seem to find ourselves on a constant tightrope between adapting to the speed of market and keep delivering qualitative, personalized output.

In today’s business, the biggest challenge is simply the balancing act. The balance of successfully growing your company in the short term while also creating a long-term advantage that makes your efforts sustainable. And to complicate matters, you must work in an ambiguous environment in which you have absolute responsibility but questionable control.

You constantly have to keep wind in the sails, even if the conditions are wind 10. Even if you find a point of balance, you can’t just stand still, as a business you must always move forward! We tend to feel the need for change, but are often scared to approach the issue with a growth mindset.

Growth mindset you ask? I’m talking about a mindset where you believe in change, understand the big-picture and make consistent decisions. Where you dare to aim high and think beyond what you know. You feel the fear and do it anyway. You need to master what I like to call ‘tightrope leadership’. A principle where you employ the power of ‘paradox bridging to grow to your full potential. It’s only by using a creative growth mindset that you’ll build a strong bridge between what is and what could be…