Meet Sven Biesterbos, Jr. Strategist

Tell us a little bit about yourself
Hi! I’m Sven Biesterbos Jr. strategist at REGGS. I combine critical and analytic thinking with a touch of design to create strategic foundations for design. You could say I operate on the edge of business, strategy and design. I’ve studied Creative Business, specializing in creative concepting. I’ve worked as a freelance brand/graphic designer for various brands and started my career at REGGS as a design intern and later as jr. Designer at REGGS.

What do you get out of bed for?
I get out of bed for food! I love to cook, go to food markets, restaurants or read about food. Luckily I also like to hit the gym, to compensate for this delicious hobby.  

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I usually get inspired from the brief conversations with the client. The solution is often right in front of someone if you ask the right (and sometimes difficult) questions. 

What are you most proud of in business terms?
To me, Kips Vega was one of my favorite projects, I even used it as a graduation project. I started working on it as an intern at REGGS and finished it when I was a Jr. Designer. For me this was a very instructive project and it made me realize that I’m more of a strategist then a graphic designer.



Which customer do you ever hope to work for?
To me the most interesting customers are always common people. To connect with them you have to strike the perfect balance between innovation and recognizability and that’s what makes it so unpredictable sometimes.