Robijn shelf activation

/ Brand activation



An appealing fragrance is one of the most important incentives to buy a specific laundry detergent. Robijn, well known for their great scents, created matching detergent- and softener fragrances so consumers wouldn’t end up with an unappealing combination. In addition the
detergent and softener were put directly next to each other, stimulating consumers to buy more complementary products. However, the challenge was to trigger consumers in-store to look for the perfect perfumed match.


We made Robijn the star of the shelf by bringing their fragrances to life. We designed an in-store activation that made the product range pop out from far away, triggering people to stop and take a look. Vertical and horizontal shelf strips visualize the scents, with a distinctive color for each combination.

The shelf activation was a great success. For consumers the quest for the perfect fragrance became completely hassle-free, giving them clean, soft and unanimous scented garments every time they take it out of the machine.

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