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In close cooperation with the Philips design team and partners, REGGS co-created world’s first personalised 3D printed shaver. This pilot project is called ‘Design your own’ and is proof of Philips’s drive for constant innovation.



Together we designed a product line that gives consumers the opportunity to create their personal shaver, whilst remaining part of the modern shaver design language of Philips. 3D Printing technologies offer wide possibilities to customize products. We introduced new modelling techniques to develop 3D-CAD models that can be used directly in web based product configurations.


Philips launched a first Pilot series of 125 shavers. The endless possibilities of 3D printing give design advantages in every detail of the shaver, while maintaining the high-end product quality and interface consumers expect from Philips. The customer journey shifts and people are placed at the centre of product design. Enabling them to create products in line with their personal taste and preferred functionalities.

The result? A one-of-kind product where consumers are actually co-creating with the brand.


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