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With nearly 17 million Dutch having their daily bread, our goal was to develop a no-nonsense proposition for Johma. The brief was simple, created a future proof design that remains true to Johma’s overall identity but is also distinctive.The new identity should tell a story of sustainability, family values and culinary expertise.


We set out to make the ordinary special again through a new look and feel that brings to life a broad and varied pallet of flavors and is inspiring for today’s demanding consumer. The new identity evokes a sense of traditional craftsmanship and focuses on healthy, delicious ingredients. The new design also comes with the ‘better life’ hallmark and a recognizable, more playful logo. Whereas the tasty recipes on the packaging inspire you to take the product from shelf and use it in refreshing ways.


Meanwhile, Johma’s Bread & Toast range brings people together at the table. The effective rebranding shows that design is a strong sales tool that can connect to a broad audience. To top it off, Johma’s ‘Gevuld eitje’ has been awarded product of the year 2017 – 2018.


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