Heineken® SUB

/ Product design & engineering



As part of a global Heineken® sponsorship, Heineken® introduced the SUB carbon limited edition. The SUB is a home-draft system introduced in several countries in the world. Consumers are able to order 2L TORP’s from the Heineken portfolio: Heineken®, Brand, Affligem, Desparados, Amstel Radler and many more. The SUB design icon, originally created by Marc Newson, is taken a bit further with an interactive tap handle and slim drip tray.


To enhance the draught experience of the SUB carbon limited edition, a special switch lock is added to the draught system. Unlock the power switch, identify yourself by grabbing the tap handle and enjoy a cold Heineken®. Yet another proof of the progressive DNA and iconic brand identity of the Heineken® brand. We are proud to be part of that with our interdisciplinary brand, design and engineering team.


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