Heineken Ignite

/ Product design & engineering



Heineken® is the world’s leading premium beer brand, available in all but five countries on the planet. Its progressive DNA and iconic brand identity provide an ongoing creative challenge: staying true to the brand personality, designing exciting statements around a product that never changes, and appealing to all cultures of the world. And all of this in the context of a conventional category dominated by heritage.


We were asked to create a functional, smart, low-cost interactive bottle. Fitting the premium Heineken® brand as well as the world famous green and aluminium club bottle. The result should lead to an innovative, memorable beer experience.

Together with the Heineken concept & design team and DDB Tribal, REGGS created Heineken® Ignite, the world’s first interactive beer bottle. Activated by the beat of a DJ, reacting to a cheers, pulsating with each sip and the rhythm
of the beat – much to club visitors’ surprise. The light system recognizes the orientation and switches to surface mode for non-translucent bottles.


Thanks to smart designing and engineering the Ignite fits every type of Heineken® bottles, including the Aluminium club bottle. Enhancing the atmosphere and energy at parties and clubs, igniting roughly 100,000 party people all over the planet.

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