Heineken Iconic Draught Column

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The new Iconic Draught Column (IDC) had to represent Heineken’s progressive, innovative character with a premium look and feel. The new column had to be a logical extension of its updated visual identity and create awareness by being disruptive. From a technical point of view, it had to be easily installed in all different and existing draught systems all around the world, replacing the former fountain column.


The solution is a series of IDC’s for the different Heineken® propositions, each has its own purpose and characteristics. The design is sophisticated through its simple, elegantly curved shape, encapsulating a series of technological innovations. The branding is prominent, but not shouting, and integrated in the shape of the column. The design of the handle reflects the simple, elegantly curved shape of the column and the glass, and feature clear branding on the 2 sides to ensure good brand stand-out.


Technically and functionally the new columns are state of the art: designed with Heineken® Cool Flow Technology (HCFT) in mind, to get the best pour quality. HCFT is a new technology that keeps the beer cold at the right temperature, all the way to the nozzle of the tap and not only in the body of the column as most columns currently do. It enables lighting and ‘icing’ technology, such as a temperature indicator for the Extra Cold product proposition and displaying frozen elements to enhance the cold & freshness of Extra Cold.


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