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Timely anticipation of trends, such as health consciousness, are key for Johma’s Gourmet Salads. The brand provides fresh, sustainable and traditional salads for chefs by chefs. With an improved vision on consumers’ use of ready made salads they asked REGGS to create a strong brand position and visual language for salad bars selling their Gourmet products. Starting with the Johma Gourmet stand at Horecava, the Dutch trade fair for professionals in food and service industries.


Based on the results of a creative session and qualitative research on consumers’ eating habits and salad bars, we constructed three ‘pathways’. Three ways to mix-and-match salad components to the liking of different persona’s: The Hard Worker, the Conscious Eater and the Cosmopolite. A tool that attracts the target audience as well as guide them to the perfect salad options for their business.


By branding Gourmet’s salads as filling, healthy and exciting, we made salad a logical choice for everyone’s’ lunch break. The sophisticated stand design sends a trustworthy message of craftsmanship and expertise and give a clear notion about what to put on your plate for the
perfect tailor-made salad. As a result, the rebranding proved itself successful at the Horecava by gaining the target leads in less time than expected.


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