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Standing out in the competitive world of technology and consumer CPU’s isn’t easy. Our challenge was to support AMD’s breakthrough with a game-changing new high-performance product. Ryzen Threadripper, the most powerful consumer CPU ever introduced, will impress the world. And so should its packaging. The brief wasn’t your typical ‘help us look more premium’. The ambition? Creating a world-class experience for creators and gamers. And so we did…



Aiming for a mind-blowing unboxing experience, we developed a powerful and cinematic design platform. We purposefully broke category codes, with layers of discovery, a revolutionary 3D form and a unique choice of materials.
The design language for each step, from ripping the sleeve to unlocking the product, promises epic power and futuristic outcomes. We didn’t just create a better box. We designed a whole new horizon for CPU retail packaging.


A hype around the brand and product functionality is quite normal in the tech industry. But with Ryzen Threadripper, the hype rapidly translated to the packaging. Pre-launch media attention notes the design as ‘very sexy’, ‘slick’, ‘uniquely designed’, ‘suitably massive’, ‘awesome’ and… ‘drool-worthy’. The rules of the game have been absolutely re-written.

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