The ultimate unboxing experience for the fastest consumer CPU ever built.


Packaging Design / Structural Packaging Design

REGGS designed and developed the unboxing experience for the first two generations of AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ processors. The unboxing of these products was completely new in the field of computer processors.

The challenge

How do you develop the ultimate unboxing experience that also protects it’s precious goods?

The success of the first two generations of AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ processors set the bar really high, it was a challenge to create even greater impact than any of the predecessors. The focus was to hero the CPU, which we did by creating the illusion that the CPU was using its immense power to float inside of its packaging. Smart and innovative folding techniques in the outer box meant that the use of foam was unnecessary. This was the first GPU in the Threadripper™ series that had a protective case without using any foam.

To showcase the CPU in a floating position, we developed a premium and protective CPU holder. This raised the CPU up within the packaging, letting it ‘float’ above the surface by its enormous power.

Protective cardboard formed the next packaging layer, whilst still showcasing the real CPU through the window, so that consumers could see that the item was an authentic AMD product.

The numbers

As per the latest monthly statistics from Mindfactory, around 18,000 AMD Ryzen CPUs were sold which amount to 81% of the total CPUs sold by the German retailer. Only 19% or less than 5000 Intel CPUs sold in the previous month which is the lowest number in the last two years since AMD introduced Ryzen.

AMD Ryzen units sold - Mindfactory


Marketshare Ryzen - Mindfactory (Germany)

“I still remember the boring old boxes that processors used to ship in and I absolutely love what AMD has done with the entire genre. Buying an enthusiast processor now is a treat and the unboxing experience is an added utility on top of your purchase.”
Usman Pirzada

Sr. Editor, WCCF Tech

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