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Every minute a child dies of water-related disease and the Akvo foundation thought it was time to take action. The Akvo mobile lab was born, a series of smart, low-cost sensors to make field testing more accessible. Our goal was to support Akvo with a sustainable and affordable solution to make their ambition a reality. With a clear mission in mind our team put their expertise and ideas together to create and engineer an ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) sensor solution. To ensure the key component “affordability”, we developed a unique and standardised packaging for mass production, bringing the potential of this technology closer to those who need it the most.



The mobile lab series monitor the quality of water, air and soil in developing countries based on a by REGGS developed IoT sensor solution for global application.

On top of that the Mobile Lab family was designed to minimize the tooling costs by creating components that can be used throughout the family. Delicate electronic components are overmolded in order to survive in hazardous conditions.


To explain how the system works, we’ll focus on the first member of the Mobile Lab family. The Akvo Water EC, is a simple, low cost, open source, smartphone-based drinking water testing system that is connected to an online data collecting tool called AkvoFlow. When placed in the water, the smartphone automatically undertakes a water quality measurement. These results are accessible on your smartphone and uploaded real time to the online platform and made visible via a dashboard. The facilitation of this process makes testing a lot cheaper, which means that not only testing can scale up on an affordable basis, but it will also lead to more accurate measurements, faster and often better interventions and actions.


Meanwhile, the Akvo mobile lab series has already been beta tested at scale in Africa, Asia and Europe. The product is a real game changer, enabling citizens to test their own water supply, and positively impacting millions of people’s lives.

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