50 years Andrélon

/ Structural packaging design


Andrélon is market leader in The Netherlands for hair care products and has been for many years.Did you know that a third of every hair care product sold in the Netherlands is from Andrélon? The brand has an assortment of over 80
SKU’s of shampoos, conditioners and styling products, divided over 15 platforms.

Andrélon and REGGS have been a strong creative team for 50 years, continuously keeping it relevant for consumers on shelf and at home. Becoming this successful was a challenge, staying successful is an even bigger one.

The brand and assortment constantly have to surprise consumers without loosing brand equity or simple shelf navigation. Therefore we introduced a modern visual language that also resonates with a new, younger target group. In addition we developed a strong, recognizable communication-system on pack that simplifies shelf navigation. Each hair care product now has its personal, distinctive visual that explains both the hair challenge and solution in a simple manner. The result: a relevant brand and growing Andrélon brand equity.

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