Meet Quinten Guichelaar, artworker


My name is Quinten Guichelaar and I am 24 year old artworker. As long as I can remember I’ve loved editing images and creating new things in Photoshop. After a long search for what to do with this passion, I ended up at the media college where I became a master of all things Photoshop. I think it’s very important for designers to have a good foundation andunderstanding of the technical side of design, therefore for me it seemed like a logical step to begin my career as an artworker. As it turns out that was a great decision, since working at REGGS I’ve realised DTP is totally my cup of tea.

What does an artworker actually do?
Simply said, an artworker transforms the vision and concepts of a designer into production files. Here we mainly do desktop publishing, so editing files for print such as packaging, magazines and brochures but I also edit product photography for both print and web.

What do you get out of bed for?
FOOD! I just love breakfast and I definitely need a good bite to eat before I’m capable of doing anything (delete really).

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Like most creatives I would say, kind of everywhere. I can spend hours scrolling through Pinterest and pick up lots of ideas but sometimes I just wander around and get inspired by the most random things.

What are you most proud of in business terms?
That our team is really a team. Working at REGGS is kind of like having an office family that is really close and cozy. It’s pretty amazing to know that even when times are tough we pull together as a team and we’re always there for each other.

Which customer do you hope to work for in the future?
GAMING BRANDS! Not only because like gaming myself but it’s also an industry where the work requires and extremely good eye for detail. It’s really interesting to work on artwork that mixes multiple techniques and styles. Plus, it’s nice that the end-user really appreciates all the work that went into every element. Gamers are particularly thorough when they look at design, they tend to notice the smallest details and finishing touches which is something that doesn’t happen in every industry.

Tell us something we don’t know about you?
Don’t tell anyone but I have a fear of flying. So if you were ever on a plane with me, I was probably the person looking as if we were going to die during the smallest turbulence.