Meet Elmar Stroomer, Project Manager


Tell us a little about you…
My name is Elmar Stroomer and have worked at REGGS since September 2017. I finished a master in Strategic Product Design in Delft back in 2007. Since then I have been involved in a wide variety of product development projects and start-ups. I have been lucky to have worked in India, Kenya and Uganda for a number of years, where I picked up a great deal of useful insights. I truly believe design can trigger many opportunities and has the power to uplift people’s lives in many, many ways. That’s how I ended up at an interdisciplinary design agency that believes in using design for positive impact.

What do you get out of your bed for?
Love, music and art.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Nature! Especially when I’m at the beach, kitesurfing or during a run in the park!



What are you most proud of in business terms?
I’m particularly happy to have proven that a circular economy is possible through the projects I worked on in India, Kenya and Uganda. Those companies are all still going strong and I’m hoping a lot of companies will follow these examples. I’m proud to be able to use all this knowledge and insight for a wide range of clients and I hope a lot more clients will put in the effort to be part of a circular economy. I believe it’s kind of a two way street, on the one hand I can apply all my learnings from abroad to the projects we do here at REGGS. On the other hand, coming from a very hands-on experience to now creating future-prove design with manufacturers across the globe, has given me a very broad outlook.

Which customer do you hope to work for?
I’m always looking to merge my hobbies and interests with my work. I don’t believe in keeping those things separately. Life is too short! 
So I would love to work on a project for Roland. I play the piano and I have quite a few items from them. It’s basically the only area I’m actually brand loyal in. I think their digital piano’s, keyboards, drum machines are great, both look as quality wise.
Another brand on my project wishlist is MUD Jeans. As I’m involved in sustainable fashion and textile recycling, I follow companies that innovate in that space as well. MUD Jeans is a brand that is installing new business and service models and they are really admiring to watch.



Anything else we should know?
If you Google ‘the sea in Spanish’ you will get…