Léonie van Dorssen: ‘Strong packaging design is the result of great collaboration.’

We are pleased to announce that REGGS has a new design director: Léonie Van Dorssen. Van Dorssen will lead our team of 2D designers. She has previously worked for clients such as Albert Heijn, Danone, Etos and Andrelon. After the Art Academy in The Hague, Van Dorssen started working as an intern at Stadium Design (REGGS).  Meanwhile she has worked  at various recognized design agencies and throughout her career she gained a number of design awards.

Léonie Van Dorssen: “I love how Packaging design is so dynamic, it is a world that’s always changing. There is constant interaction between the brand, the context and the consumer. Packaging Design offers consumers the possibility to make their own choices. I strongly believe that good packaging design is the result of great collaboration. For me, the most rewarding challenge is to translate the client’s ambition into inspiring designs with ingenuity. At REGGS, I want to further improve professionalism and raise creativity to great heights. Yes, I am ambitious. I demand a lot from my team, but an after-work beer is just as important. That to me is perfect harmony; combining optimum focus with ultimate relaxation. ”