IKEA and Skansk show the world how to use their skills to create social value for the people who need it most.

IKEA and Skanska collaborates with the Queen of Sweden to improve the modular BoKlok housing concept to meet the needs of Sweden’s aging population. Demonstrating how organisations can combine forces to design and create smart social value. 

Boklok’s Project Manager states the project addresses the growing demand for housing for the elderly – Dezeen

The project called SilviaBo, named after the guardian angel of the Silviahemmet foundation and the BoKlok project, now consists of six homes outside Stockholm. The houses have the same prefabricated structure as the BoKlok communities, but with a lot of ‘elderly-friendly-adjustments’ such as extra-wide doorways, level surfaces and handles in the toilets and showers. 

The homes will also have tailored features for people affected by dementia, such as heat sensors for stoves and large wayfinding signage. 

The project aims to give the elderly of Sweden the independence to live at home for as long as possible. In the future the houses could also provide a comfortable home for those with disabilities by installing special fittings.

BoKlok is tempering the expectations a bit by highlighting the fact that everybody has different needs and wishes for their home. They mention that the main focus for the furnishing is affordability, style and functionality. 

The solution of IKEA, Skanksk and Silviahemmet can be a cost-effective solution to the growing challenge of realising enough affordable housing for elderly people, not only in Sweden.


Photo credits: BoKlok