COVID-19 ALERT: Due to severe medical supply shortages in countries all over the world, we are seeking partners to manufacture and distribute at scale ASAP.

COVID-19 | open source

Emercency face shield

Produced out of minimal resources

REGGS® (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) in collaboration with Anega Energies Manufacturing PLC (Addis Abeba, Ethiopia) has developed an open-source emergency face shield. The mask can be produced easily by hand using a few everyday materials, such as transparent plastic and a shoelace.

This face shield is developed as an emergency alternative for use in places where there is limited access to personal protective equipment (PPE). It is different from other open-source face shields because it can be quickly produced by anyone using only two materials. 

About the design

The shield is designed to be reliable and sturdy. The materials required to produce the face shield, thin transparent plastic and a shoelace, are widely available at an extremely low cost. The shield is held together using a simple locking system (credits:

It is important to note that people who construct and use the mask should be healthy and wear proper protective equipment such as gloves and a respirator mask. This face shield is not a replacement for respirator masks (FFP2, FFP3). 


Even with minimal material usage the shield is surprisingly sturdy.

Extreme low cost

One face shield can be produced from a single A3 sheet transparent material.

Easy production

The face shield is developed keeping minimal available resources in mind.

Fast assembly

The face shield can be put together through a simple locking solution (credits:

Open source

Everyone is free to adapt the design for his/ her own needs.

Latest News

Anega Energies Manufacturing (Addis Abeba, Ethiopia) started to produce the first 1000 face shields. They will also distribute to local hospitals.

How to get started

Before you start producing face shields, please download the latest files to get started. The DXF should provide you with the outlines that can be used in almost any flat material fabrication process (laser cutters, rule dies, drag knife, CNC punch, etc.). You can also download a printable PDF for manual cutting.

The bill of materials (BOM) in the Instructions PDF provides you with all the materials. For manufacturing, our team can help you find the materials you need. Please contact us by email:

If you’re assembling the shields, please download the instructions below and watch the video.

Download the assets here:

PDF for manual cutting

REGGS Emergency Face Mask V1.2 designed for manual cutting.

DXF for manual cutting

REGGS Emergency Face Mask V1.2 DXF-file designed for manual cutting.

DXF for laser cutting

REGGS Emergency Face Mask V1.2 designed for laser or machine cutting.

Instructions PDF

REGGS Emergency Face Mask V1.2 instruction manual for assembly.

Get in touch!

If you have any questions, suggestions or any other message, please feel free to connect. You can fill in the form below or send an email to We can help you out with finding suppliers, production facilities or design help.

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