We are REGGS

Our foundation is creativity. We dare to dream big and think out of the box, but are also realistic and practical. This is how we get people and brands moving. And in doing so, we keep improving our work.

Do you get excited about this? Then let's challenge the status quo together. Success guaranteed!

Discover how we work with you to achieve the best results

Experiments and prototypes

As creatives and techies, we love making things and trying them out like no other. That's how we stay sharp and shift quickly from idea to working product. Prototyping and testing? No problem. We have our own workshop with 3D printers, laser cutters and a spray booth.

Workshops and trainings

Creativity is not everyone's second nature. As experts, we like to share our skills. That's why we regularly conduct trainings, workshops and creative sessions - from a fresh perspective to training a team to work more creatively and innovatively afterwards.

Iconic work

We've been making packaging for big and smaller brands for years. There are quite a few iconic products among them. Did you know that Andrélon's purple bottles and Heineken's taps come from our studio?

Sustainable projects

Our hearts beat even faster when we can come up with solutions for circularity and sustainable packaging. For Alpine hearing protection products, for example, we made packaging with 98% less plastic. Or maybe in the near future we won't be making any physical packaging at all - who knows?

Inspiring workplace

All REGGIES are very creative and inventive. But an inspiring workplace gives that little bit extra. Our studio - which we actually usually call workshop, because we are always making something there - is in the Kauwgomballenfabriek (Bubblegum Factory) in Amsterdam. This used to be a real gum factory, producing as many as 45 kinds of gum. Now it has been our creative breeding ground for years.


Since 2009, we have been called REGGS. But we have existed since 1968, back then under the name Stadium Design. The very first packaging agency in the Netherlands, in the middle of the flower bulb fields. All those bulbs - for centuries an important export product - needed packaging. Since then we developed into the creative studio we are today. We have been renewing ourselves for almost 55 years and have experience with more than 1,000 projects. We also like to put our skills to work for you, because our creativity never runs out.

REGGS is a contraction of raw eggs: after all, the egg by itself is the very best packaging in the world.


Typical REGGS? We have the guts to reinvent ourselves every time. And we always look at challenges from opportunities. The result? An ingenious solution. Creativity gets people and brands moving, and we use it as a starting point to keep improving. This is how we challenge the status quo and your brand potential is maximized.

A-Z design studio

We have everything in-house for design, from strategy to engineering. This has three major advantages.

1) Specialists
You can place a complete assignment with us without having to coordinate between different specialists. Because we have all the talents under one roof.
2) Multidisciplinary work
With all that knowledge and different perspectives, we can develop the best solutions.
3) Convenience
We develop projects from head to tail. We unburden you and maintain optimal control over the end result.


Our engineers love to experiment and prefer to try the latest techniques themselves. We have our own workshop with 3D printers, laser cutters and a spray booth. This allows us to make and test prototypes quickly and in-house.

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