Fire positioning

A strong brand occupies a preferred position in the minds and hearts of consumers. A brand owes such a unique place to distinctive brand positioning. Your brand positioning is unique, must suit you and guide everything you do. Will you challenge us to make it happen?

Fire positioning 

Part of brand strategy

We know that brand positioning goes beyond a good product, clever campaigns and a competitive price. Brand positioning is about the feeling you want to evoke after seeing your brand or product. If you want to be successful, everything you do as a brand must be aligned with that positioning. That's why brand positioning at REGGS occupies an important place in defining your brand strategy. Our strategists will amaze you, promise! They come up with creative solutions and have the guts to take a fresh look at existing issues. This allows us to take that extra step that gives you the edge over your competitors.

Leverage your brand's opportunities and challenges

Successful brands have their own unique brand positioning. That positioning is an important part of a brand strategy. Our REGGS strategists work daily to build strong brands. Do we get to work on your brand strategy and positioning? Then we always start together with a brand workshop. This workshop helps us discover who you are, how your brand behaves and what unique position you want to occupy. We ask surprising and always stimulating questions. Together we find out where your biggest opportunities lie, but also where the challenges lie. All this together forms your positioning. We work this out and describe it in your brand strategy document.

Brand positioning is a feeling

Did you know that most people make buying decisions based on feelings? It's actually quite subconscious. "This feels good!" is often the main reason people choose a brand. Part of that feeling is determined by the visual appearance of the brand. That's why our strategists work closely with our designers. After we have established brand positioning, the designers can get to work on a distinctive brand design. An appropriate corporate identity ensures recognition and recall. This is how you grab that unique place in the market with your brand. Do you want to get started with your brand positioning & design? Contact us for a no-obligation appointment.