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Löwenstein Medical vitaQ


The Modular Therapy Station, VitaQ, does things completely differently. With a protective Anesthesia & Sedation System: a module that uses Xenon as an anesthetic (O2 and Xe as carrier gas) or as an organ protector. With a closed gas system capable of recycling the anesthetic gas. This solution causes a shift in the field of anesthesia and resuscitation.

What we created

Being sedated for surgery is an impactful experience for any patient and an important task for medical personnel. The start of this design project was extensive design research with patients and anesthesiologists, developing a new patient experience and workflow. An integrated approach to design, mechanical engineering and technology development, working closely with AlcmAir, Technobis and Relitech, resulted in this market breakthrough. The focus on people has been the driving force and innovation engine for this project. This resulted in the design and engineering of a completely new mechanical gas system, user interface and product housing. Protection of the environment was important during development.