Asiye Koca, Content Creator at REGGS

Tell us something about yourself...

Hey, my name is Asiye Koca. I work at REGGS as a content creator. I learned digital drawing and graphic design from an early age. When it came time to choose a degree program, I still found it difficult to find one. After a few attempts, I ended up at Communication and Multimedia Design. Others could probably recommend it to me because I was always online. I follow closely the developments that websites go through. I first coded with HTML when I was eight years old, but it was during my studies that I really learned how best to design a website and applications. Besides all that creativity, I love going out to eat and trying new dishes! I love to try new things and then recreate them at home, like Indian Butter Chicken or Tteokbokki - street food from Korea!

What are you getting out of bed for?

For REGGS, of course! I am full of ideas that I like to try out, online and offline. At home, I like to watch movies and series, as long as it's not a horror or thriller. I also like to play Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch or to watch my brother play on the Playstation, but when he plays A Way Out I like to join in.

What are you most proud of professionally?

I can do very versatile work. From keeping records and creating content to designing and building websites. I am a huge planner and love structured work. Planning is something I saw with Cynthia, a beauty blogger. I found it admirable to see how she organized her day. In addition, I pride myself on keeping going in the face of setbacks. When my own website completely crashed, I couldn't get anywhere. By continuing to look for solutions and experimenting with them, I got my website up and running again. Finally, I dare to be critical of my own work. In order to learn, but also to achieve my goals.

You say you keep going in the face of setbacks, what inspires you to keep going?

I find that I find processes inspiring! This can be as broad as the design process to finding inspiration, as well as how a brand or product is developed. An example of this is Abi Connick on YouTube. She takes her followers step by step through the process of developing a brand identity. Really good tip!

In addition, other people's personal growth inspires and motivates me - especially if they first experienced setbacks. They prove to me that if you take your time for something and dare to make mistakes in all openness, you can get more out of yourself than you think. An example of this is my parents. My father had the opportunity to study, but due to a number of setbacks he was unable to continue his studies. This did not stop him from earning money in other ways and taking care of his family as best he could. My mother moved to the Netherlands after she got married. She didn't know the language, but she studied, worked and got her driver's license all by herself. I am proud of my parents and that they were able to give me so many opportunities.

What client do you hope to work for someday?

There are so many! It would be cool for me to be able to work for Ben & Jerry's. Besides that, I think the brand is very creative, but also very strong how they think about their fans. They innovate super much with flavors and dietary needs, because not everyone is the same.

Tell us something we don't know about you....

I love going to escape rooms and arcade halls! The very first escape room was from Sherlocked: The Architect. Together with my friends, we escaped from the room just in time. You have to be super creative to solve the puzzles to escape from the room.

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