Creative UPthinking with Phulki and BIED

Yesterday we had the honour of showcasing our creative UPthinking model to Phulki and BIED. UPthinking is our way of combining common sustainable ambitions with organisational objectives and from there working towards a tool kit for a purposed future.

Both Phulki and BIED are pushing for socio-economic change in Bangladesh in order to help those who are less privileged (often women and children). Did you know that Bangladesh is the world’s second-largest apparel exporter of western fast fashion brands? Both parties provide scalable models for child day care centres that can work within garment factories or alongside them in local communities.

We first made a clear description of each group’s goals and a clear perspective for their combined future, taking into consideration both social and economic factors. Securing a sustainable future for Bangladesh’s younger generation is a cause we at REGGS can truly rally behind. We are glad we could help both parties envision a clearer shared goal so that tomorrow they can take the first steps towards a brighter future for Bangladesh.