Meet Andras Kelemen, Product designer

Tell me something about yourself
I’m Andras Kelemen, a Hungarian industrial designer who studied in Vienna. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved discovering new materials and get inspired by the simplest things, the way they work and move. How can I create a clever alternative that uses less material without losing the quality or feel? I particularly love rethinking small mechanical elements. It’s a challenging task but even something as trivial as a paperclip can inspire me.
I think my design approach is very functional and methodical. My education is Vienna gave me a strong foundation for the technical part of product development while my school in Hungary was more design focused (think detailed Russian-style drawings and out of the box creations).

What do you get out of your bed for?
I am kind of a night owl, I thrive at night so it’s hard to get out of bed If I don’t have a reason to.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Sculpting! For me, sculpting is like a three-dimensional object of your mind. It’s like a time capsule, you see something, an image, that gets filtered by your mind and emotion. Then you move your hands in the way that you see and feel it. That moment is transmitted in clay, stone or plastic and the result is a visual impression of the both of us.

Can you share one thing that’s on your bucketlist?
I would like to make a trip to Poland and cross the whole country by bike and tent. Not only is it a beautiful country but growing up playing the cello I love classical music and Poland is home to some extraordinary composers.

What are you most proud of?
That’s a tough one! Probably that back when I was 18, I won the first prize at a national sculpting competition, twice! It was great to meet all these famous sculptures and to pick their brain.

But I am also very proud to have won the second prize with the red dot design award with our Axis spectacles. Together with my younger brother we launched Axis spectacles back in 2016. Simply said it’s an environmentally friendly solution in eyewear production that comes with a special hinge system.

Which customer do you hope to work for?
That’s a tough one since I already work for the brand I always wanted to work for; Heineken. I personally think it’s such a great feeling to see my design when I’m in a pub or at an event.

Tell us something we probably don’t know about you
I’m very happy I managed to come back to Amsterdam, this city somehow brings out the best of me. Plus, I can’t help myself when it comes to bridge climbing whenever we do a boat trip.