Audivers SIPP
Audivers SIPP
Silent disco 2.0: a full festival experience

Audivers is one of the founders of the world famous Silent Disco: a festival concept that travels around four continents and is celebrated by hundred of thousands of people. It offers the unique experience of choosing your personal music style whilst enjoying your time with others that are enjoying their personal music. Be connected.


REGGS facilitated a series of creative sessions to ideate a new festival experience, matching products and accompanying brand and marketing items. This resulted in silent disco 2.0: an upgraded experience, new headphones with novel functionalities and exiting communication!


More than 10.000 people can listen to 8 sound channels at once. Create your personal experience, choose your personal DJ beat, listen to a certain band member (only the guitar player) or find information regarding the festival, routing, facilities and safety. The headphones have full colour LEDs at the top that can be connected to the DMX light show of a festival. This creates a magical light show with everybody present!


The REGGS interdisciplinary project team delivered various design services ranging from brand strategy to design and production engineering.