Fête des Fleur


The Challenge

Walk into a supermarket and you will be overwhelmed by at least thirty different types of all-purpose cleaner. Fragrance is one of the key decision factors when choosing a product. So, AJAX wanted to trigger consumers in-store to explore the new ‘Fête des Fleur’ range of all-purpose cleaners, with an essential oil formula and natural ingredients. 


What we created

With an eye-popping explosive bouquet of flowers, we made AJAX queen of the bees. We designed an in-store activation overflowing with vivid colors, a subtle depth effect and orchestrated floral chaos. 

The display draws attention in the aisle and triggers people to stop and explore the fragrant paradise. Without the need for words, the intriguing transparent drop brings a focus on the essential oil by almost bringing it to life in 3D. While the vertical stripes clearly navigate between the scents, the horizontal shelf takes you away to a spring garden.


The result 

The project pushes the on-shelf limits and the result is a distinctive in-store activation that makes AJAX stand out. Not only was the shelf activation a great success but we’re proud to say it has led to more inspiring collaborations with ColPal.